Medical use of cannabinoids: Medical marijuana forms its ‘origin’ in ancient history. The earliest recorded usage is cited to a Chinese Botanist who utilised it for the treatment of varied conditions, predated to over 5000 years ago.

Measuring its impact in the yesteryears, vis- a -vis its contemporary strength, leaves one in awe. Nowadays, its curative benefits have been universally proven, owing to the efforts of legal medical cultivators who grew their own medicine. Medical use of cannabinoids

Every remedial cannabis seed has a degree of therapeutic quality, remedying all types of illnesses. The two core genetic diversities are Indica and Sativa, posing varied beneficial options, pending on the infirmities you want to treat. Sativa’s dominant medical strains, for instance, are famous for their elevating qualities and are common for the cure of depression and chronic fatigue. Due to these qualities, they are a formidable choice for daytime smoking.

Indica’s main medical strains are the direct opposite, presenting a more narcotic, stoner and strong pain relieving effects. Its high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) makes for such effects. CBD aids the body relax and manages pain, and regularly used to treat insomnia. Indica strains create a “COUCH LOCK” sensation, which causes a relaxed feeling of sleep paralysis-like effects, and prevents them from waking up from the couch. Most smokers (tokers) have knowledge of these properties. Hybrid strains are mix of both varieties and generally offer the best of both worlds to many patients

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